Melanie Kalmar, corporate vice president and CIO as well as chief digital officer, oversees B2B e-commerce operations among other areas of I.T. and business services.

The chief information officer of one of the biggest chemical companies is adding a new addition to her title: chief digital officer.

Earlier this month Melanie Kalmar, chief information officer for Midland, Mich.-based Dow Chemical Co., updated her title to corporate vice president, CIO and chief digital officer. The change in title was made to reflect Kalmar’s increasing duties in launching or upgrading a slew of digital responsibilities for Dow, which in September completed its nearly two-year $130 billion merger with DuPont to form the holding company DowDuPont.

We are in the process of rolling out a new customer channel that helps our customers not only find our products but then jump in and order them.

Melanie Kalmar, chief digital officer, Dow Chemical

As chief digital officer, Kalma oversees Dow’s various B2B e-commerce initiatives including including [email protected], a portal that lets customers place orders and see order histories,and view invoices, packing lists, electronic certificates of analysis and material safety data sheets.

Other Dow B2B e-commerce programs include Xiameter, a B2B portal for buying silicone products and materials, and Elemica, a chemical industry exchange formed in 2000 that today connects more than 10,000 trading partners and processes more $400 million in e-commerce transactions annually.


Among her new duties as CIO and chief digital officer is the implementation of a new strategy for information technology Dow is calling “New IT for a New Dow.”

Specific details are still emerging on Dow’s digital strategy, but it includes updates and such new technologies as blockchain and robotic process automation for such areas as supply chain and procurement management, Kalmar recently told Forbes. “We are in the process of rolling out a new customer channel that helps our customers not only find our products but then jump in and order them,” Kalma told Forbes in February. “We call this new capability going from ‘choose to use.’”

Kalmar was named as Dow’s CIO in August 2016, after having been with Dow since 1987. As CIO, Kalmar develops and implements strategy for information technology, business process programs and services and analytics. She also has global responsibility for cyber security, risk management, advanced analytics, facilities management, and the Dow Services Business. Kalmar also chairs the executive steering group, which provides vision, corporate priorities planning and resource allocation for I.T. investments, Dow says.

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