The holiday shopping season is a critical period for many retailers. As both competition and customer expectations grow, retailers must provide consumers with highly satisfying shopping experiences—from the first moment of customer engagement all the way to shipping and delivery, and even through the returns process. Getting it right can be the difference between success and failure.

“Every year, online sales during the holiday shopping season grow by leaps and bounds, and 2017 certainly proved that with record-breaking sales once again,” says Chris Lobay, director of product at Shopify, an e-commerce platform provider.

Understanding 2017’s holiday shopping trends can help retailers prepare for this year

Chris Lobay, director of product at Shopify, an e-commerce platform provider

Shopify merchants reached $1 billion in gross merchandise volume for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday period. At the peak of the holiday season, Shopify merchants also generated more than $1 million worth of transactions in just one minute, Shopify says.

2017’s strong online holiday sales revealed several noteworthy trends, Lobay says.

For instance, mobile shopping continued to grow in popularity. Mobile orders accounted for 64% of orders over the four-day Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend…

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