Australian natural skincare brand Jurlique has launched a flagship store on JD Worldwide.

Jurlique, which started in 1985 and has since grown to become one of the largest skincare brands in the Asia Pacific, is distributed in 19 countries around the world. Now offering its products to’s 266.3 million customers, the brand looks to deepen its presence in China’s over $30 billion cosmetics market – the world’s largest.

The flagship store on JD Worldwide uses JD’s comprehensive logistics network for delivery. Products sourced from Australia are stored in JD’s bonded warehouses, and delivered via JD’s in-house last mile delivery network, within a day, to customers in several major cities in China.

Jurlique also has access to JD’s marketing expertise, including the retailer’s vast quantity of China sales data and ability to predict demand and accurate ad targeting through social media and other Internet services via partnerships with Tencent, Baidu and others. JD can leverage its sophisticated marketing tools to help Jurlique identify new consumers.

“We’re thrilled to work with a retailer as trusted by Chinese consumers as to give easy and convenient access to our natural skincare line in China,” said Andrea Martens, Chief Brand Officer at Jurlique. “The Chinese market has enormous potential for us, and we are looking forward to leveraging JD’s e-commerce expertise to maximize the reach of our products in China.”

Jurlique adds to JD’s fast-growing offering of natural healthcare and skincare products from Australia, which are increasingly in-demand among its customers. JD has already successfully introduced products from healthcare brands such as Swisse and Blackmores and mother and child products from a2, Bio Island and Bellamy’s among many others. Sales of Australian products on JD Worldwide have nearly doubled in 2017 from last year.


“With over 30 years of experience in natural skincare, Jurlique is a pioneer and expert in this area,” said Kaisi Li, General Manager at JD Worldwide. “We’re excited to introduce this revolutionary brand to our consumers. In the future, we look forward to bringing more of the world’s best natural products to our platform to become China’s number one destination for health and wellness solutions.”

Jurlique was founded by husband and wife duo Dr. Jurgen and Ulrique Klein, with the aim of creating the most effective skin care routine in the world by harnessing the “power of nature”. A global search for the land to grow, harvest and extract the most concentrated botanicals took the Kleins from their home in Germany to the unspoiled Adelaide Hills in South Australia where they established their first Jurlique farm. The ingredients for Jurlique’s unique skincare offerings are still sourced from the company’s organic farm today.