A bold move powering direct sales for premium spirits brands signals turning point for e-commerce in the alcohol industry.

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2017 — Thirstie emerges as the leading technology and logistics solution for alcohol with the launch of Thirstie Enterprise, the first white-label ecommerce platform for champagne, wine, beer and spirits brands.

The new ecommerce platform lets customers order alcohol and wine directly from the websites of global alcohol brands, a first in the U.S. market. It is the culmination of Thirstie’s three years in the on-demand and mail-order alcohol delivery space, where it connected users to a national network of local alcohol retailers, while supported by traditional distributors.

Thirstie saw the opportunity to capitalize on its core model to suit the needs of national, premium alcohol brands and executed the first such integration with one of the world’s largest wine and spirits groups that launched in November. The technology team at Thirstie developed a robust platform that embraces the three-tiered system, connecting brands to consumers utilizing Thirstie’s existing network of best-in-class retailers. The result is a seamless ecosystem of national brands, regional distributors, local retailers, and of course, a huge audience of passionate consumers.

Partner brands are now able to service customers based on their preferences and location, while maintaining control over the brand experience.

What makes this an entirely new chapter for the alcohol industry is the closed-loop view provided to brands, offering critical insight into customer habits, preferences and behaviors from path-to-purchase, effectively removing the blinders that have historically limited alcohol brands. The level of customer insight and data is unparalleled in the online spirits space.


And the opportunity in the space is enormous. More than 12% of all transactions take place on ecommerce platforms across more traditional retail models. That number shrinks to 0.6% in the alcohol space. Thirstie’s new enterprise solution aims to close that margin.

“Thirstie Enterprise for brands represents a watershed moment in the way that the alcohol industry can both market its products to consumers and understand the behavior of those consumers,” explains Devaraj Southworth, CEO and Co-Founder of Thirstie. “Thirstie Enterprise enables the world of premium spirits to come alive for the US customer and deliver on the promise made by our partner brands. We’re also proud to be improving the customer experience by providing a new channel of business and analytics for the premium alcohol industry.”


Founded by Devaraj Southworth and Maxim Razmakhin, Thirstie offers a white-label enterprise solution for brands to enable e-commerce. Powering transactions through a robust API and expansive retailer network, the platform also provides brands with transparency into all data, consumer insights, analytics and ROI. For more information about Thirstie Enterprise, please visit ThirstieEnterprise.com.