22.1% of respondents said that, if available, they would take advantage of Walmart's offering and 16.5% would use Amazon Key. 

While Amazon.com Inc., No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500,  and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., No. 3, are battling it out to figure out the next wave of e-commerce fulfillment that delivers goods inside consumers’ homes, most shoppers aren’t interested in those types of services, according to a new Internet Retailer-exclusive survey of online shoppers conducted by Toluna.

Walmart in September announced it is testing an online grocery delivery service in Silicon Valley that enables Walmart.com shoppers to place a grocery order and have it fulfilled by a Deliv driver who receives a one-time pass code to open her August Home smart lock and then deliver the order inside home, even placing perishable items in the shopper’s refrigerator. Amazon last week launched a program where it uses a smart lock and camera device called Amazon Key to deliver packages inside shoppers’ homes.

However, 22.1% of respondents said that, if available, they would take advantage of Walmart’s offering and 16.5% would use Amazon Key.

A much larger share, 50.9%, would use an Amazon same-day pickup location, and 22.1% would have their Amazon orders delivered to a secure locker in a Whole Foods or elsewhere.


Interestingly, 61.1% of consumers who aren’t interested in Walmart or Amazon’s in-home delivery services say they’re satisfied with the current way that their online orders are delivered. Cost is another consideration, given that Walmart’s program requires users’ homes to be equipped with August Home’s keyless home entry system and Amazon’s requires an internet-connected security camera-smart lock package that starts at $250. 46.2% said they don’t want to invest in that technology. Security (47.3%) and safety (34.7%) concerns were also cited by a large share of consumers (they could select multiple responses).

Toluna conducted the survey on Nov. 16, and included a nationally representative sample of 510 online shoppers. The survey included a description of Walmart’s in-home delivery service and Amazon Key for those who might not be familiar with them.