Alan Cohen, co-founder of private exchange Liazon, talks about the future of health coverage and giving employees more control.

“We shop for everything else online, why not health benefits?” says Alan Cohen, co-founder of Liazon (now part of Willis Towers Watson), the first private exchange for health care enrollment.

Alan Cohen

As millions of employees head into open enrollment season to choose their health insurance care coverage for the coming year, Cohen walks us through the rise of private health care exchanges and how they give employees more control over their health coverage. In a conversation with Internet Health Management editor Mark Brohan, Cohen outlines where exchanges and the pricing of health care services are headed, including the use of dynamic pricing and auctions. “I need to have a knee replacement: Bid on it,” he says, describing how patients may buy services in the very near future.

Cohen is the author of “Employee Benefits and the New Health Care Landscape.”


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