America’s largest online retailer holds a nationwide job fair to help fill 50,000 open positions across its U.S. fulfillment network. Inc. is on a hiring spree. The retail giant on Wednesday opened 10 of its U.S. fulfillment centers for job seekers to take a tour and meet with company representatives.

Tens of thousands of full-time positions are open for employees to pick, pack and ship customer orders, Amazon says. More than 10,000 part-time positions also are available at the company’s sortation centers, most of which are located in urban areas and designed to meet demand for faster shipping speeds and Sunday deliveries.

In addition to hourly fulfillment center roles, Amazon has supporting and managerial roles available within its fulfillment facilities, including human resources managers, information technology specialists and operations positions.

Amazon has dramatically increased its fulfillment network in recent years, with 140 fulfillment centers now open in the U.S. alone. See below for a map of where these centers are located.

This expansion has allowed Amazon to deliver orders to consumers at a rapidly decreasing time frame. It ships items to consumers in 2.8 days on average as of June 2017, down from 5.9 days in January 2015, according to Slice Intelligence, which tracks delivery times by monitoring consumer email boxes for shipment notifications.


That’s still a full day faster than everyone else.

Not included in the map of 140 facilities in the U.S. are the many additional, smaller fulfillment hubs, sortation centers and other facilities that allow Amazon to deliver Prime Now and other orders even faster than the three-day average. Logistics firm MWPVL International Inc. estimates there are 244 total facilities in operation in the U.S. within Amazon’s network.

Prime Now is a free two-hour delivery service on household goods and select items. It is available only to Prime members, who typically pay $99 a year or $10.99 a month for such perks as free two-day shipping, streaming music and streaming video.

As of today, Amazon Prime Now is available in 33 metropolitan areas in the U.S. that have a total population of 134.6 million, by Internet Retailer’s analysis of U.S. Census data. That means the world’s largest e-retailer is capable of shipping some items within hours to roughly 42% of the U.S. population (321.4 million people).