Subscribers to ChemicalInfo’s online manufacturer database can now view, and link directly to, chemical suppliers listed on the marketplace.

Two chemical industry organizations are coming together to give manufacturers access to a global online chemical marketplace. ChemicalInfo, a provider of online databases for chemical and pharmaceutical companies and their customers, and, a B2B marketplace for chemical buyers and sellers, announced yesterday an agreement to enable ChemicalInfo subscribers access to

The agreement enables ChemicalInfo’s Directory of World Chemical Producers subscribers to view suppliers within DWCP search results, and directly link to an e-commerce supplier’s page on the marketplace.

The directory, located at, offers information about chemicals and pharmaceuticals and contact details about chemical raw materials producers in more than 100 countries. Subscribers can search the directory by product name, Clinical Abstracts Service (or CAS), number or company, and global trade data with pricing information is updated on a monthly basis, ChemicalInfo says. Clinical Abstracts Service is a division of the American Chemical Society.

Chemical manufacturers are eligible for free listings on DWCP, while subscribers pay an access fee. Dallas-based ChemicalInfo declined to provide information about those fees., based in Shanghai, China, does not charge buyers for listings on its platform, according to its website. The site did not indicate seller fees and Molbase did not respond to a request for pricing information. Since its launch in March 2011, Molbase has connected more than 100,000 buyers and suppliers worldwide, it says.

In 2016 the companies agreed on the need to increase the visibility of qualified manufacturers and to offer digital purchasing options to procurement and sourcing professionals, ChemicalInfo says. Integrating Molbase supplier data into the DWCP database enables subscribers to view “high-quality, active, qualified foreign producer information,” ChemicalInfo says.


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