At the 2017 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition this week, speakers discussed how Amazon sellers can increase sales with better content on listing pages.

Show Amazon customers what they’re actually going to get.

That will boost sales on’s marketplace, Eric Heller, founder of marketplace consulting firm Marketplace Ignition, said during the Amazon & Me workshop Tuesday at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition. The key, he said, is to provide good content in the form of quality images and in well-written bullet-point descriptions and product titles on product detail pages.

Images help customers understand your products better, Heller said. Most Amazon sellers know that high-resolution images on product pages are important, but there are other ways to teach your customers through pictures. Here’s what he suggests:

  1. Show the customer what they will get. Have multiple pictures with different angles of each product.
  2. Show the scale of the product by taking a photo of the product next to something people are generally familiar with.
  3. Show the product in use in the locations it’s intended to be used.
  4. Show the emotional experience customers should have with the product. For instance, show customers smiling while using the product.
  5. Highlight key benefits and show how key features work. For example, if one of the benefits of a product is that it is easy to clean, include a picture that shows how to clean the product.
  6. Take photos of key components that are unique or useful. For example, if one of the selling points of a pen is that the grip is comfortable, zoom in on the grip and post a photo of just that.

Also, images don’t need to be standard photos of products or customers using products. The content can include size charts, graphics or anything else that describes the product clearly.

Can’t figure out what images would be helpful for consumers? Heller said to use customer questions and customer reviews to learn what consumers care about and post images based on that content.


Heller gave an example of one of Marketplace Ignition’s clients, a company called Dr. Sinatra that sells health supplements. From product reviews, the company learned that customers were asking questions about nutritional/supplement facts. Therefore, the retailer posted a clear, readable picture of the “supplement facts” summary that is found on the back of each of its products, and it immediately increased conversion rates, Heller said.

Through market research, the company also found that consumers’ No. 1 complaint about tablets and pills is they don’t like swallowing large pills. In response to that, Dr. Sinatra posted an image of one of its pills next to a penny to show the relation in size.

Lastly, one customer noted that a particular product didn’t produce fishy breath or burps, which can be a side effect of other fish oil products. That customer then posted a chart from a consumer survey that said: “9 out of 10 customers reported no fishy burps with Calamarine [oil from squids]” and “more than half of customers reported having fishy burps with other fish oil supplements.” That’s now one of the five images on Dr. Sinatra’s product listing.

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