Smartphones have replaced flowers as mom’s favorite gift. And shoppers are searching on their phones, too.


Frances Donegan-Ryan, Bing Ads Global Community Engagement, Microsoft

For my fellow procrastinators, here is a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 14. Before you jump online to order flowers for Mom, check out some recent research from our Bing Ads data scientists for some insight on current Mother’s Day search trends and how things are changing.

Growth of online and mobile shopping

Gone are the days when we had to rush off to a brick-and-mortar store to buy the obligatory card and flowers. In recent years, there’s been significant growth in e-commerce via PC and even more so with mobile. Bing Ads research has shown that Mother’s Day online and mobile shopping has grown. In fact, as the big day approaches mobile search surpasses traditional tablet/PC searches.

Mother’s Day Bing 1

Mobile-savvy searchers are looking up retailer information, redeeming coupons, and using apps to purchase products.


Retailers should take the time to ensure search campaigns include messaging that appeals to mobile searchers. The Bing Ads Insights team’s research shows that generally mobile marketing has a lower cost and higher-click through rate to reach Mother’s Day searchers.

Ultimately, mobile search offers a significant opportunity for retailers on and around Mother’s Day.

We are celebrating “Modern Moms”

Mother's Day Bing 2

Advertisers will also benefit by getting real with consumers; real families and real moms come in all varieties, and modern shoppers are looking for authenticity.


In 2016, Bing Ads recognized that moms are embracing imperfections and struggles. In fact, a trending hashtag among millennials has been #momfail showing their willingness to be honest about how hard it is to be a “modern mom”.

Mother’s Day top gift searches

If you think the best gift for Mom are flowers, think again! According to our research, smartphones is number one for Mother’s Day searches. Staying connected to Mom with the latest technology is important.

The top five Mother’s Day mobile search terms on the Bing Network are:

  1. “best cell phone deals today”
  2. “jewelry”
  3. “Mother’s Day gifts”
  4. “flower delivery”
  5. “Mother’s Day gift ideas”.
Mother's Day Bing 3

For online retailers, making your products pop with shopping campaigns or Image Extensions can make or break a deal.

Mother's Day Bing 4

People are much more likely to click on an ad with a picture rather than just a link. Bing research shows that 40% of internet users always search for visual content prior to making a purchase. So, to stand out, you should be showcasing all your beautiful products with images.

What Influences Mother’s Day purchases?

For retailers, it is important to know how to get people to your site and ultimately get people to buy your products. According to Bing research, one of the biggest influences of Mother’s Day purchases is word of mouth.

Mother's Day Bing

Recommendations from friends and family has the most influence over purchases.

As for channels that influenced Mother’s Day purchases? Online reviews, online advertising, social media, and TV and radio advertising played a critical role in impacting purchases.

Include review extensions on your ads to help searchers get to the information they want quickly and inform their purchase decisions.

So, if you want to help your customers truly celebrate and delight their moms remember:

  1. Make your ads and ad copy mobile-friendly mobile friendly
  2. Use Product Ads or Image Extensions to show off your products
  3. Close sales with Review Extensions

Don’t delay, make sure your Mother’s Day campaign is set up for success, by implementing the suggestions above across all your PPC campaigns.