Law of attraction

Between 50% and 75% of TV and web merchant Evine Live Inc.’s sales come from repeat customers, and repeat customers spend more per order than first-time customers, says Nicole Ostoya, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Evine.

The value returning shoppers bring to Evine is why the multichannel retailer is working to launch a more advanced customer loyalty program in the third quarter. Initially, the program will only be available to customers who have Evine’s branded credit card, a number which is in the millions and accounts for a “high double-digit percentage” of Evine’s customers, Ostoya says, declining to be more specific.

Consumers with the retailer’s credit card already get free shipping on certain days and discounts not available to customers who don’t have the card. The new program will offer shoppers more of these incentives, and include a tiered discount model in which members who spend more with Evine will qualify for bigger discounts. Ostoya likens the program format to an airline frequent-flier miles program, in which the more a consumer spends, the better seats she may qualify for. With the expanded benefits, Evine hopes to grow the percentage of Evine credit cardholders by 3% to 4%, which, in turn, will help it generate more repeat business…

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