An updated mobile app that includes better security is catching on with consumers that get their health insurance through Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co., says Cigna Digital Services mobile channel manager Radhika Alla.In October, at the start of the 2017 benefits enrollment season, Cigna upgraded its MyCigna Apple and Android app with biometric security that lets the user access the app using their fingerprint instead of a log-in identification and password, Alla says. About 2 million people have downloaded the MyCigna app and about 350,000 plan members use the app on a consistent basis, the company says.Of those 350,000 active MyCigna app users about 50%, or 175,000 plan members, now use the fingerprint technology to access the app and manage their health benefits online. The updated MyCigna app features biometric security called Knock Lock, a fingerprint technology originally deployed for mobile devices from LG Electronics, that lets consumers scan their fingerprint on the display screen of their device to gain access. Cigna updated its app both to enhance security and to make it easier for Cigna plan members to access their benefits information and web site features and functions, Alla says.A lot of people dont instantly remember their login information and there are times it isnt always stored on the device, Alla says. If you are at the doctors and dont have that log-in information handy that can be a problem.It took Cigna a year to update the MyCigna app with biometric access, Alla says. In the future Cigna also is considering eye tracking as another updated way to access plan member benefits and tools online, although Cigna has yet to develop a timeline, she says.Cigna also has updated its MyCigna app and the website with what the company call its One Guide personalized health benefits and wellness program. The One Guide service gives plan members access to click-to-chat customer service and allows them to better manage their in-network doctor and provider communications and join employer-sponsored health and wellness incentive programs.With the MyCigna mobile app plan members also can perform other transactions including:

  • View and search recent and past claims and bookmark and group claims for easier reference.
  • Access and view health fund balances.
  • Review plan deductibles and maximums.
  • View and refill prescriptions.
  • Look up and compare drug costs at 60,000 pharmacies and find the closest pharmacy.
  • Search for a doctor, dentist, pharmacy or healthcare facility and compare quality-of-care ratings and costs.
  • Search common medical procedures and compare costs for doctors and facilities.
  • View plan coverage and authorizations.

In 2017 Cigna also will be looking to update the MyCigna app with additional functions such as more sophisticated secure text messages, or push notifications for upcoming events such as benefits enrollment. We did an extensive customer survey on the app a year ago and the biggest thing customers told us is they wanted easier access, Alla says.