More shoppers visited the top 100 retailers’ mobile sites over the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend, and they averaged more than 20 minutes in apps on Black Friday.

Shoppers spent more than 18 minutes in the Inc. app on Black Friday.

And that’s longer than the amount of time they spent in the Amazon app on Cyber Monday, which was an average of 14 minutes, 20 seconds, according to market research firm GfK SE’s KnowledgePanel Digital base, which tracks smartphone and tablet behavior data on 2,500 U.S. consumers. GfK collected mobile web and app data on Internet Retailer’s top 100 retailers as ranked in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide from its panelists over the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend.

Of the consumers in GfK’s panel who visited a top 100 retailer’s app or site on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), 59% of their visits were in mobile web, and 41% were to an app. The mobile web-app breakdown was closer on Cyber Monday at 56% mobile web and 44% app.

Although more consumers visited mobile retail websites than apps over the Thanksgiving weekend, consumers spent more time in apps, the data shows. On Black Friday, consumers spent on average 21.2 minutes in a top 100 retailer’s app, which is more than triple the average of 6.0 minutes they spent on a top 100 retailer’s mobile website that day. Cyber Monday tells a similar story, as consumers spent 18.9 minutes in a retailer’s app on Cyber Monday, compared with 6.6 minutes on a retailer’s mobile website.

This is likely a positive sign for those retailers, says Christina Pate, senior research director at GfK.


E-retailers should also take note of the long time consumers are spending in apps because it provides an opportunity to drive additional sales—if they can convince consumers to download their app, Pate says.

“App users are spending more time shopping at that retailer, where web users may just be browsing for specific items,” Pate says.

Amazon’s app and mobile web metrics are similar to this data, as consumers averaged about 8.5 minutes on Amazon’s mobile website on Black Friday and 8.7 minutes on its mobile site on Cyber Monday compared with 18 minutes in its app on Black Friday average and 14.3 minutes on Cyber Monday. Amazon is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide.

Consumers also were busy shopping on Thanksgiving Day, and spent 19.4 minutes on average in a top 100 retailer’s shopping app and 6.3 minutes on their mobile sites.

Overall, the mobile app and web usage data is consistent with 2015 numbers, Pate says.