Ello introduces a Buy button.

Ello, the social network that has positioned itself as the ad-free social network, today introduced a Buy button that enables merchants to drive consumers to their sites.

The social network, which launched in 2014, says the functionality is aimed at small merchants.

Merchants can add a Buy button by uploading an image of their product, clicking a “$” icon, adding a link to the product listing on the retailer’s site, then hitting a Publish button.

Consumers will then see a green $ icon on any item that is for sale on the platform. Clicking the icon will take the user to the retailer’s site. If the consumer completes a purchase, the retailer pays Ello an affiliate fee. The fee varies depending on the retailer, says Mark Gelband, Ello’s chief marketing officer.

In adding a Buy button, Ello is joining a long list of social networks—from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest—that have sought to figure out how to make e-commerce a part of their overall experience.


Ello had stood apart from those platforms, however, because of its pledge to never show ads. In adding a Buy button, Ello is making its advertising approach perhaps less visible to users than the advertising modules available on Facebook or Twitter.

Ello.com is significantly smaller than other social networks. It averages just 34,900 monthly visits per month, according to SimilarWeb Ltd. For the sake of comparison, Facebook.com averages 32.1 billion monthly visits, Twitter.com averages 2.8 billion and Tumblr.com averages 1 billion.