Drizly has raised more than $30 million since launching four years ago.

Alcohol delivery service Drizly is raising a glass to the fact that its new funding round just about doubles the amount it had raised previously.

Drizly is an online marketplace that allows consumers to buy alcohol from local merchants for delivery. The company closed a $15 million funding round Wednesday. The round was led by venture capital firm Polaris Partners and comes just over a year after Polaris led a $13 million funding round for Drizly. According to CrunchBase, that brings the total amount raised by Drizly to $33 million over six rounds.

A Drizly spokeswoman says the funding will be spent on advertising in an effort to generate more brand awareness in some of the company’s larger markets. The company will also be building out its staff over the next year, adding to its engineering, business intelligence, and sales teams.

“By building the technology, infrastructure and consumer experience that previously never existed, Drizly is accelerating the creation of a $10 billion plus per year industry, which is why we are so excited about our continued involvement,” said Pat Kinsel, a venture partner with Polaris Partners.

Drizly began as a strictly app-based company. Two years ago, the company began accepting online orders via an e-commerce site. Earlier this year, Drizly expanded beyond the United States and into Canada, establishing a presence in Edmonton, Alberta. In June, the company began selling to customers in Nashville, Tenn., and is available in 23 markets throughout North America.