In 2015 Americans spent $6.7 billion on the 4th of July and 33 million people made travel plans. Take advantage of the annual holiday and maximize your 4th of July email campaign.

The 4th of July is creeping closer, and with less than a month to go, it’s time to start thinking about America’s most patriotic holiday. Of course, that’s if you haven’t already started.

Whether you’re planning a discount, launching a new product, or embracing the holiday cheer, a well thought out 4th of July email marketing campaign is a surefire way to get a piece of that $6.7 billion.  

MailCharts follows the email program of thousands of internet retailers and analyzed the 2015 emails mentioning the 4th of July. Below you’ll find our top email marketing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Independence Day.

When planning a 4th of July email campaign, timing is crucial. MailCharts detected that the first 4th of July email was sent on April 20, an impressive 75 days before the holiday. The email, sent from TripAdvisor, highlighted some travel friendly “All American” locations and shows the forethought Americans put into planning their vacations. If you’re in the travel industry, start planning your strategy early and use TripAdvisor’s start date as a reference.

When graphing the4th of July email trend, the volume begins to pick up mid-June and exploded a week out from the holiday. It’s interesting to note that 62.7% of companies only sent out one email mentioning the 4th of July, no follow-up, no reminder. Just one. Single. Email.  

So, use this information, take the opportunity, and send multiple holiday emails promoting your discount, product or company. That being said, keep your email frequency consistent — we’re not recommending you send additional emails. Instead, theme your emails according to the upcoming holiday.


Mailcharts found that by theming three or more upcoming emails, you will be on top of 85% of other online retailers. There’s no need to stress about sending unique content either, PacSun shows us you can see results from using the same template more than once. The point is to stay relevant and be remembered.

When it comes to discounting, data from the 2015 analysis shows that 20% off was the most common, with 57% of companies offering between 20% and 50% discounts. This is lowered when compared that to the average 25% discount offered on Memorial Day.

57% of the emails in sent 2015 used the phrase “4th of July” in their subject lines — compared to “Independence Day” or “July 4th.” A clear subject line is more likely to reach and convert readers. Try something like, “This week only: 20% off for the 4th of July”

When planning your email content, all you need to do is stop for a second, and think about what Independence Day means to Americans. For most, it’s time spent around the barbeque, or down by the beach, with friends, family and a handful of fireworks.


MailCharts found the most appealing email campaigns leveraged the American theme in their email design. Any combination of stars and stripes, of the American flag and the colors red, white and blue kept in line with the patriotic spirit. Utilize these, be creative, and show your company’s love for America.

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