BabyCenter LLC has developed a richer app strategy.

The pregnancy and baby educational site owned by Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. has consolidated its separate pregnancy and baby apps into one app now called My Pregnancy and Baby Today.

Previously, a woman who used BabyCenter’s pregnancy app would have to download a new baby app once she gave birth for information about babies. Now, once a woman’s due date passes, the app will automatically switch from providing pregnancy information to baby information.

“We made it easier to switch between those experiences,” says Tom Alessi, chief technology officer at BabyCenter.

When a woman uses the BabyCenter app or site, she enters her due date so BabyCenter knows which week of pregnancy she is in. That makes it possible for the app to serve her content that is relevant to her week of pregnancy or how old her child is, Alessi says. If the woman gives birth early or late, she can manually update the app with her child’s birthday so the app is still accurate, Alessi says.


45 million consumers visit the BabyCenter site or app each month, and the app has millions of downloads, according to the company. The majority of BabyCenter’s app users visit the app multiple times per week, Alessi says.

“BabyCenter has already had really high engagement across all of our suite of apps, and this new app has very strong user engagement,” says Alessi, without revealing specifics.

The app provides tips, videos and articles that are relevant to the mother’s pregnancy week, Alessi says. BabyCenter has an in-house video production team and an in-house editorial team that writes the articles, and also has a medical advisory board that reviews its content, he says.

In addition to tying the two apps together, the app update also includes a new design and new features.

BabyCenter updated the design of the app’s calendar view, which is the most popular feature in the app, Alessi says. The calendar view makes it easy for a woman to see which stage of pregnancy she is in, and the calendar pulls up content relevant for her. With the app update, BabyCenter tripled the amount of content it now provides, he says.


“We put a lot more focus into developing content,” says Alessi, who adds that the BabyCenter put a substantial amount of resources toward app-user engagement.

One of the new features in the app is the “Is it safe?” tool where moms can look up various objects and activities to see if they are safe during pregnancy.

BabyCenter began working on this upgrade in the fall of 2015. Alessi would not reveal the cost. The free app is funded via advertising, and there is no purchasing component to the app.