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San Francisco – May 27, 2015 – Jumpshot, a next-generation marketing analytics platform that illuminates the online world, today announced it has received $22 million in Series A funding from Avast Software. Jumpshot will use the funds to scale operations and enrich its two core offerings: the Jumpshot Plus web platform and Jumpshot Strategic Analytics.

“It’s not just our massive user panel that sets Jumpshot apart. It’s what we do with it,” said Jumpshot CEO Deren Baker. “Https data and persistent user IDs allow us to go beyond reporting discrete moments in the customer journey to also reveal why particular events took place. This depth of behavioral insight does not exist anywhere else and exposes the limited view that most marketers have of their best customers.”

With 107 million global users who click on 150 billion links per month, Jumpshot has the statistical accuracy to report what is actually happening, as opposed to what a limited panel merely suggests is happening. Jumpshot also captures https clickstream data to reveal in-depth buying and social behavior above and beyond simple browsing.  Now marketers can quantify logins, signups, transactions and more for any property on the web. Furthermore, persistent user IDs allow Jumpshot to track user behavior over a very long period of time, providing insight into surfing patterns multiple steps before and after visitors leave a particular website, identifying trends other analytics tools simply cannot match.

To keep users anonymous and personal information secure, Jumpshot has developed a patent-pending algorithm that automatically strips any sensitive information from data streams of any size. Now, even the most privacy-conscious companies can leverage their data while knowing their users’ information remains safe and secure. 

“7Park Data delivers data intelligence to a global audience of leading investors and corporations,” said Brian Lichtenberger, CEO of 7Park Data. “Jumpshot offers 7Park Data unparalleled insights into online behavior via its massive global panel of online consumers, which is superior to other sources with respect to its size, global coverage, granularity and timeliness.”


The Jumpshot Plus web platform allows clients to benchmark performance against competitors or market trends and uncover new marketing opportunities via audience segmentation. Clients can thereby gain in-depth traffic, engagement and demographic insights to find untapped revenue streams. Jumpshot Plus also lets clients see where their audience goes before and after visiting their own websites and even track customers who visit a specific URL.

Jumpshot’s Strategic Analytics business charts even deeper into the market psyche by answering in depth questions specific to a client’s unique business needs. The product can track growth, performance and conversion rates for any online property; evaluate trends and segments by global region; and overcome systemic marketing short-sightedness by tracking what customers do and how they convert on any digital property on the web.

“User research is my microscope, web analytics is my zoom lens, and Jumpshot is my wide angle lens providing visibility to my customers before and after my site,” said Andy Edmonds, Chief Product Officer of Redbubble. “Demographic insight and the ability to apply all of this to competitive inquiry makes Jumpshot a critical tool in our efforts to acquire and delight customers.”

Jumpshot Plus and Jumpshot Strategic Analytics are available now. For pricing and free-trial information, please visit

About Jumpshot


Jumpshot provides the deepest, richest, most extensive marketing analytics on the planet, enabling organizations to make exactly the right decision at precisely the right time. The company’s 107 million-plus user panel reveals today’s buying mind with a scope of understanding never before attainable. Paired with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the technical capabilities of Jumpshot’s cloud platform turn the most complex data into actionable, real-life intelligence. With a better understanding of their customer’s online lives, Jumpshot customers gain a material competitive advantage – which allows them to quickly deduce what’s happening in their business universe and recalibrate their sales and marketing efforts accordingly. For more information, please visit