Here’s an idea: Dump the phone part to make room for more cool stuff. Consumers only spend 5% of time using their smartphones making voice calls.

U.S. smartphone owners now spend an average of 4.7 hours on their smartphones every day, more than their counterparts in 11 other countries, according to a new report on December 2014 mobile activity from Informate Mobile Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., a research firm that measures consumer activity on smartphones and tablets in 12 countries.

Smartphones are becoming the primary screen for consumers here in the U.S. and around the world,” says Informate CEO Will Hodgman. “This is not a U.S. and developed country dynamic. It is a global sea change.”

The International Smartphone Mobility Report examines how consumers are using smartphones in markets across the globe, including the U.S., India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Turkey and Qatar. Informate will expand the report later this year to encompass more than 25 developed and developing countries, including the U.K., France, Germany, China, Russia, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

The report finds consumers use their smartphones for a wide variety of activities and tasks. Following are the activities of U.S. smartphone owners and the percent of total daily smartphone time (4.7 hours) they spend on the activities, according to the International Smartphone Mobility Report:

  • Utilities (search, news, health, weather, travel), 37%
  • Multimedia (music and video), 15%
  • Games, 12%
  • Browsing the web, 9%
  • Text messaging, 9%
  • Chat and non-text messaging, 5%
  • Voice calls, 5%
  • Other, 8%

Following are the countries Informate measured and the percentage of smartphone owners in each country that engaged in mobile shopping in December 2014, according to the Informate research:

  • U.S., 59%
  • India, 42%
  • Thailand, 22%
  • Brazil, 22%
  • Qatar, 19%
  • Malaysia, 18%
  • South Africa, 18%
  • Indonesia, 17%
  • Mexico, 16%
  • Argentina, 11%
  • Philippines, 11%
  • Turkey, 9%

The report also reveals the U.S. has the highest average rate of monthly data consumption via smartphone: a colossal 20 gigabytes (which includes data accessed via cellular and Wi-Fi networks). Indonesia’s average consumption measured the lowest at three gigabytes per month.

Informate Mobile Intelligence measures consumer mobile activity on Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in multiple countries via on-device tracking through a family of free utility apps. Consumers agree to be tracked as a part of using the apps for free. Informate currently tracks nearly 100,000 mobile device users in 12 countries.

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