The clothing e-retailer runs user-generated content campaigns on its social networks accounts as well as manages its account on a shopping-focused social network.

Revolve Clothing aims to engage with its shoppers where they spend their time. Ashley Torres, Revolve’s senior manager of social strategy, says the company wants to create an emotional connection with the consumer and turn her into a loyal brand advocate. Revolve calls these brand advocates “Revolve Girls.”

To harness those brand advocates, Revolve created RevolveMe, a section of its e-commerce site gives user-generated content that highlights customers wearing Revolve products. Customers take and post a photo of themselves wearing Revolve clothing with the hashtag #REVOLVEme. “We’re kind of jumping on the selfie train with RevolveMe, Torres says. “We know you’re going to take a picture of it. Why not do it with a hashtag that will promote brand awareness?”

Since launching the section in February 2014, Revolve customers have submitted 3,000 photos to the web site and 10,000 to Twitter and Instagram. Those social media submissions have garnered more than 60 million impressions of the #REVOLVEme hashtag. Customers love to see their photos featured on Revolve’s web site, Torres says, and the user-generated marketing campaign plays right into the so-called “Me” generation.

Revolve also uses a social network created especially for shopping called Wanelo—which is short for “want, need, love.” The social network features a product feed with Pinterest-like images collected by a user’s friends, and those shared by brands and retailers she follows. Clicking on an image takes the consumer to the e-retailer’s page where she can buy the item. Wanelo works on an affiliate model; retailers pay a fee to it for every sale that originates from the network. Wanelo didn’t reveal that fee.

After noticing increasing traffic from Wanelo to its site, Revolve decided to take ownership of its profile on the social network. Revolve now has more than 750,000 followers—compared to 300,000 on Facebook, 28,000 on Twitter, 275,000 on Instagram and 23,000 on Pinterest. Torres says Wanelo is now the brand’s highest-converting social network.


Wanelo features more than 350,000 retailers—a large percentage of those are actively managing their pages, it says. Wanelo doesn’t release the number of its users, but CEO Deena Varshavskaya says 50% of them are millennials, age 18-24. She thinks Wanelo resonates with customers because its shopping-focused. “Our content is nothing but products,” she says. “Users are coming here for nothing other than shopping. That’s why we see such high engagement.” She says an average product on Wanelo is saved by consumers 140 times.