Drugstore.com chief marketing officer David Lonczak will talk at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition about how the web-only retailer developed a technology partnership to expand its international e-commerce base to more than 50 countries.

In just over two years, web-only merchant Drugstore.com has expanded its international e-commerce base to 52 countries and could add as many as 20 overseas destinations in 2010. To avoid problems and get up and running in a new international market quickly, Drugstore.com first relies on finding the right technology partners, says chief marketing officer David Lonczak.

In a session titled Taking the Scary Part Out of Going Global June 9 at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Lonczak will detail how Drugstore.com works with partners such as E4X Inc., a developer of geolocation technology that recognizes where shoppers are coming from and displays prices in local currency, to overcome international e-commerce challenges.

International sales represent a pillar of growth for Drugstore.com, says Lonczak. Online retailers of all sizes can avoid certain problems of selling overseas by first getting to know their potential customer base, exposing them to the right products and finding good technology partners.

Lonczak also will address how big and small web retailers can work with fulfillment partners, foreign post offices and freight-forwarding companies to develop a cost-effective overseas e-commerce program. There are best practices to figure out international opportunities and develop a sound strategy, he says.

Why the editors asked David Lonczak to speak:
David Lonczak speaks authoritatively about international sales because he has direct responsibility for Drugstore.com’s global presence in 52 countries. He brings to that position nearly 20 years of experience in consumer marketing and business development. In addition, he is responsible for Drugstore.com’s customer acquisition, retention marketing, promotional planning, site production and creative services-all of which he applies to the international market. He is a veteran IRCE speaker, having spoken in 2007 on technology investments.


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