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Web-Only Merchants : News on web-only merchants that only sell products and services on the internet and do not operate physical stores.

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Why Interior Define is bullish on opening stores in 2020 and 2021

Interior Define revamped its omnichannel strategy when the coronavirus pandemic swept the U.S. Instead of opening physical stores, the brand continues to grow a geography’s sales if it hires design specialists that are local to that city, Interior Define CEO Antonio Nieves says.

Ecommerce shares help boost stock market to record highs

The shares of 10 publicly traded online retailers that are in the Top 1000 ranking of North America’s leading web merchants gained an average of 159% this year, soaring far faster than major stock indices, even as the Dow Jones set a record by surpassing 30,000. But there still were some losers among the online retail stocks.

What retailers need to know about gift card fraud

The coronavirus fueled a surge in digital gift card sales. As a popular gift during the holiday season, gift card sales will only continue to increase. But gift cards are also an attractive product category for criminals. The following article helps online retailers better understand and block fraudulent gift card purchases online.

An AI-bot saves Shapermint’s live chat customer service program during pandemic

In Q2, the number of live chats on surged 233% to 50,000 chats per month. Shapermint’s investment in an automated chat bot allowed it to answer basic questions and automate 70% of those chats, so it did not have to hire more customer service staff during its sales boom.

Wayfair’s sales boom 67%, turns profit again

Wayfair’s annual sale on Sept. 23-24—Way Day—drove the two largest sales days in web-only retailer’s history. The promotional event is typically in Q2 and moving it to Q3 helped boost sales 66.5% year over year in Q3.

How online retailers balance site speed with robust features

Robust site features can help increase conversion. But, those same features often mean the site takes longer to load, which can turn away shoppers. Retailers need to find the balance of offering helpful tools while maintaining good web performance because shoppers won’t wait.

Amazon Prime Day off to an impressive start

Sales on non-Amazon retail sites were up an average 70% year over year mid-Tuesday, and marketplace sellers were reporting huge surges.

Revelry’s bounce rate plummets with faster site

Bridesmaid dress retailer Revelry relaunched its ecommerce site on an updated version of its ecommerce platform and with smaller images. The site loads 43% faster, bounce rates have decreased 8% and conversion is up 30%.