2017 Healthcare E‑Commerce Opportunities

  • 53-page PDF [Internet Health Management Report, published September 2017]
  • Learn the strategies of Apple, Amazon, Google and online retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and Orthoticshop.com in digital healthcare
  • Learn how e-commerce solutions providers such as Akamai and Salesforce are successfully leveraging their B2C and B2B e-commerce products for healthcare
  • Exclusive survey on how e-commerce solutions providers are taking on digital and mobile healthcare
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Hospitals, insurers and other organizations will spend

$32 billion

annually on digital and mobile healthcare services within 5 years

An opportunity for a significant new revenue stream is the reason given by


of vendors that are targeting digital healthcare

Selling e-commerce product services in healthcare is “very important” for


of vendors

2017 Healthcare E-Commerce Opportunities

Digital healthcare is happening—and fast. But to succeed you need a plan and a roadmap to achieve success.

And whether you’re an online retailer looking to sell more products and services in healthcare or you’re an e-commerce solutions provider targeting hospitals, doctors, insurers and other healthcare organizations for new business, you need Internet Health Management’s ground-breaking report: Healthcare E-Commerce Opportunities.

This in-depth 52-page report delivers all the key market data, research and analysis you need to know about digital healthcare–a market Internet Health Management sizes up as 5 times the size of the B2C e-commerce services market.


What's Included in this Report

If you are a retailer, vendor, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, a customer or anyone researching the digital healthcare market for opportunity, here’s why Internet Health Management’s executive report—Healthcare E-Commerce Opportunities—should matter to you.

  • Who’s in. The report profiles the strategies of Apple, Amazon and Google in digital healthcare but also provides insight on key online retailers of all sizes
  • Plugging in. Learn how e-commerce solutions providers such as Akamai and Salesforce are building successful B2C and B2B e-commerce sales strategies
  • Great expectations. Read survey analysis of e-commerce solutions providers and their expansion plans for digital healthcare
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