2017 Healthcare Ecommerce Opportunities

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Hospitals, insurers and other organizations will spend

$32 billion

annually on digital and mobile healthcare services within 5 years

An opportunity for a significant new revenue stream is the reason given by


of vendors that are targeting digital healthcare

Selling ecommerce product services in healthcare is “very important” for


of vendors

2017 Healthcare Ecommerce Opportunities

Digital healthcare is happening—and fast. But to succeed you need a plan and a roadmap to achieve success.

And whether you’re an online retailer looking to sell more products and services in healthcare or you’re an ecommerce solutions provider targeting hospitals, doctors, insurers and other healthcare organizations for new business, you need Internet Health Management’s ground-breaking report: Healthcare Ecommerce Opportunities.

This in-depth 52-page report delivers all the key market data, research and analysis you need to know about digital healthcare–a market Internet Health Management sizes up as 5 times the size of the B2C ecommerce services market.


What's Included in this Report

If you are a retailer, vendor, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, a customer or anyone researching the digital healthcare market for opportunity, here’s why Internet Health Management’s executive report—Healthcare Ecommerce Opportunities—should matter to you.

  • Who’s in. The report profiles the strategies of Apple, Amazon and Google in digital healthcare but also provides insight on key online retailers of all sizes
  • Plugging in. Learn how ecommerce solutions providers such as Akamai and Salesforce are building successful B2C and B2B ecommerce sales strategies
  • Great expectations. Read survey analysis of ecommerce solutions providers and their expansion plans for digital healthcare
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