This free, 2-part, English-language report from East-West Digital News provides extensive detail on ecommerce in Russia. This is a market that is growing rapidly but is still fragmented, leaving opportunities for Western companies to enter and gain a foothold.

Part 1: Market Trends & Players’ Strategies
This free, 154-page PDF in English provides an overview of online retailing in Russia, data on consumer behavior and in-depth information on the country’s ecommerce leaders.

Part 2: A Practical Guide For International Players
This free 64-page PDF report, Part II of a comprehensive overview of Russia ecommerce, provides the insights you need to enter Russian ecommerce. It provides details on how to fulfill orders in Russia, the payment methods Russian shoppers prefer to use, and information on customs duties and requirements for protecting customer data.

Online shopping is picking up steam in Russia, and big international companies are getting in on the action. This free report, based on six months of research by Moscow-based ecommerce news organization East-West Digital News, provides extensive data and analysis, all in English, that will be invaluable for any company considering entering the Russian ecommerce arena.


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