Only select technologies gain traction with retailers and prove to have major staying power. These technologies have proven their merit with results—and with merchants boasting their benefits.

Merchants that have adopted headless commerce platforms boast their agility, retailers with pay-in-installment services tout their higher average order values and conversion rates, and retailers with artificial intelligence say their processes are more efficient. Plus, retailers are infusing technology into video to better engage with shoppers through livestream shopping and virtual appointments.

The May edition of Strategy Insights—Tech innovations that stick—features the following articles written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:  

  • In “What is headless commerce, and why is it securing a foothold in the ecommerce world?” chief technology editor Katie Evans explains what headless commerce is and provides retailer examples of the benefits it provides.
  • In “Why artificial intelligence remains a smart investment for many online retailers” we check in on retailers’ AI investments to see if the machines really are learning over time.
  • “Why more retailers are pressing play on videos” looks at the different ways retailers are squeezing more out of video from influencer marketing to livestream shopping.
  • In “A virtual connection: Retailers get personal with virtual appointments” several retailers share the results they’ve had from launching virtual appointments.
  • And finally, in her perspectives’ column “The Shopper Speaks: Virtual appointments,” Digital Commerce 360’s senior consumer insights analyst Lauren Freedman puts merchants’ virtual appointments to the test.

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