How good are brands’ post-click experiences?

Consumer demand for better, faster, cheaper delivery isn’t likely to cease any time soon. So, until science invents instant teleportation, retailers will have to face the challenge of how to efficiently fulfill consumers’ online orders. How good are those experiences? That’s the question Internet Retailer explored in a story that drew on a test in which we placed online orders from 52 Top 500 retailers.

Inside the October issue:

  • “Inside Lucky Brand’s omnichannel strategy” – This story will examine how Lucky Brand is working with a data platform to find the most cost-efficient way to streamline its fulfillment operations across its distribution centers and stores.
  • “Selling alcohol online isn’t easy” – Ordering and delivering alcohol online is challenging because of the vast number of state and local alcohol-related laws and regulations. This article will look at various ways these companies are meeting those challenges and delivering their products to shoppers.
  • “Why Nike is launching a children’s subscription shoe services” – This story looks at how Nike built a direct to consumer recurring revenue source and explores how it requires them to operate the program in ways that are distinct from their other ecommerce logistics efforts.

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