Consumers are demanding more convenient and time-saving fulfillment options. Many consumers who started using such options to avoid entering stores during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis found they liked the convenience of buying, receiving and returning purchases in a variety of ways. 

Walmart Inc. CEO Doug McMillon put it this way: “Our stores have become hybrid. They’re both stores and fulfillment centers.” In fiscal 2022, he said, the number of online orders fulfilled from stores grew 170% year over year. And that was on top of more than a 500% gain from the year before. 

Our 2022 Omnichannel Innovation Report is a comprehensive guide to help you start maximizing conversions and delivering an exceptional customer experience.  

This report includes a detailed overview of omnichannel ecommerce today, 10 ideas that drive customer conversion, the latest trends and innovations in omnichannel retailing and a case study on Macy’s—with 4 data-packed charts to help you visualize the omnichannel businesses of Top 1000 retailers and critical consumer insights. 

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