B2B e-commerce is an $889 billion marketplace, heading toward $1.1 trillion in 2019. Getting there means B2B companies must choose dozens of technologies to manage web content complicated by contract pricing and buyers’ need of detailed specifications for complex products and systems. Order management systems have to handle multiple levels of purchasing authorizations. Shipping and billing systems must handle orders spread out among multiple destinations. The list goes on.

As B2B companies upgrade—or take their first steps into—e-commerce, they need all the resources they can find to make vital decisions about where to spend their tech dollars. The very best place to find a solution provider is in the 2018 Leading Vendors to the B2B E-Commerce 300. The 41-page report, which is being offered compliments of Oracle + NetSuite, as a downloadable PDF, reveals the 3 most frequently listed e-commerce vendors in each of 29 key technologies and services categories. It’s based on data drawn from our B2B E-Commerce 300 Database, which ranks, profiles and details the operations of the country’s leading B2B companies.

The report includes the following:

  • Ranking of Top 3 vendors in each of 29 e-commerce technologies
  • Summaries of 16 main technology categories
  • Review of major tech deals among key vendors
  • Feature on how predictive analytics drive B2B sales
  • Feature on business intelligence applications
  • Feature: Dell invests $1 billion in internet of things products
  • Case studies detailing how a wholesaler and a manufacturer make the most of new technology


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