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61 out of 100

The Children’s Place, a publicly traded children’s specialty apparel retailer, designs, contracts to manufacture, sells at retail and wholesale, and licenses to sell merchandise at value prices, primarily under the proprietary “The Children’s Place,” “Place” and “Baby Place” brand names. As of Oct. 29, 2016, The Children’s Place operated 1,061 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, an online store and had 139 international points of distribution open and operated by its 6 franchise partners in 17 countries. In November 2015, the company expanded its international footprint by partnering with Mexican retailer El Palacio de Hierro to open stores and shop-in-shops in Mexico.


500 Plaza Drive, Secaucus NJ 7094

Parent Company

The Children's Place Retail Stores Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1999

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