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The Buckle Inc., a multichannel fashion retailer, recorded web sales growth in fiscal 2015, but store and overall sales declined. Company executives cited a “challenging” retail environment, made worse by a mild winter, for its sales decrease. For fiscal 2015, e-commerce accounted for 9.4% of total revenue, up from 8.2% in fiscal 2014. “We continually work to improve the marketing of our e-commerce site,” Dennis Nelson, CEO of The Buckle, said. This includes improving emails, “and doing a better job of keeping our online store in inventory as well.” The Buckle will continue developing e-commerce programs, “such as testing remarketing, to continue to grow our online business,” Nelson added.


2407 W. 24th St., Kearney NE 68845

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The Buckle Inc.

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Retail Chain

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Year Launched: 1999

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