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Athletic footwear retailer New Balance, known primarily for its running shoes, sells its New Balance-branded merchandise online and through more than 200 retail stores. It also operates e-commerce sites for its Warrior, PF Flyers, Cobb Hill, Aravon and Dunham brands. New Balance sells footwear for men, women and children in sports that include running, baseball, golf, tennis, basketball, hiking and softball. The retailer’s MyNB loyalty program rewards shoppers who track their workouts with Strava; shop on, in New Balance stores and via the MyNB app; and check in at New Balance events. Those shoppers get first call on popular products, shipping benefits, and personalized offers and content.


1537 Fencorp Drive, St. Louis MO 63026

Parent Company

New Balance Athletics Inc.

Merchant Type

Consumer Brand Manufacturer

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1996

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