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Vintage apparel retailer ModCloth Inc. has hired a chief technology officer from luxury consignment e-retailer The RealReal as the retailer works to boost its revenue growth. ModCloth in May named Nicolas Genest as chief technology officer, citing his work developing web, data and mobile technologies as CTO at The RealReal for the past three years. Genest reports to CEO Matthew A. Kaness, who took over in January 2015 after two rounds of layoffs aimed at helping the retailer turn a profit. Previously, Genest worked at Microsoft Corp. on database and .Net development technologies, and prior to that at Pfizer Inc., where he led a team of developers producing web-based intranet applications.


115 Sansome St., Suite 900, San Francisco CA 94104

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ModCloth Inc.

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Web Only

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Year Launched: 2002

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