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JustFab rebranded as TechStyle Fashion Group in August 2016. The company operates four e-commerce sites, including Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids and its flagship site, which will remain JustFab. Women’s activewear and accessories brand Fabletics is accelerating its offline retail expansion in the new year. Fabletics, which debuted as a web-only brand in 2013 and lists actress Kate Hudson as co-founder, will almost double its bricks-and-mortar locations nationwide, as it announced plans to open a dozen new stores in 2017 to bring its total number of store locations to 30. Each physical location will be about 2,200 square feet.


800 Apollo St., El Segundo CA 90245

Parent Company

TechStyle Fashion Group

Merchant Type

Web Only

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2010

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