Online Shopping Behavior for Home Goods 2022

Online shoppers still have home goods and projects on their plates, so category-wide buying and taking advantage of omnichannel conveniences remain strong.

Home is certainly a category that saw some swings during the pandemic and beyond. It’s likely that many shoppers bought home goods online for the first time while seasoned shoppers purchased widely across this category. Our 2022 Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights home goods survey of 1,113 online shoppers speaks to where shoppers stand today. After several years of many of us living and working at home and the volatility of this category, I will incorporate some of the year-over-year numbers to provide perspective.

Online shoppers appreciate the convenience of buying more home goods online. 25% of online shoppers purchased at least half of their home goods online in the past year. Year over year, online shoppers bought a much lower percentage of their home goods online, and it is reflected in the online purchasing penetration (2022 vs. 2021).

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