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The ecommerce initiative is one part of a multiyear digital transformation plan for the Kuwait Petroleum Corp.

Public details are limited, but the Kuwait Petroleum Corp., one of the world’s biggest oil companies in one of the largest oil-producing nations, is developing a widescale ecommerce initiative.

The national oil company of Kuwait announced an ecommerce initiative as one part of a multiyear digital transformation plan.

Kuwait Petroleum Corp.’s new ecommerce platform

“KPC has introduced a new electronic commerce platform for the oil sector, aiming to enhance relationships between the corporation, its subsidiaries, and its partners both domestically and internationally,” according to the Kuwait News Agency in a translated post on EconomyMiddleEast.com.

Multiple details, including a launch date, technology development partners and the cost of the project, have yet to be released.

Also missing are details on what the ecommerce platform will do for the Kuwait Petroleum Corp. and how it will connect to the Middle East and global oil industry.


Initial milestones for the platform

In the meantime, work has been underway since 2022 on the Kuwait Petroleum Corp.’s ecommerce push. So far, the project employs about 158 workers, has 26 committees and serves 7,000 users.

“The success of digital transformation projects relies on three key factors: effective change management, collaborative teamwork, and a commitment to excellence,” the Kuwait News Agency reported. “The initiative has resulted in a unified system that facilitates digitalization and import operations while reducing risks and ensuring the integrity of information and data related to purchases.”

Kuwait Petroleum produces about 7% of the world’s total crude oil and generates annual revenue of about $100 billion.

Currently, Kuwait’s oil production capacity is 2.9 million barrels daily and is expected to reach 3.2 million as soon as 2025.


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