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Survey data: In 2024, B2B ecommerce buyers will use anywhere from three to 10 digitally driven channels to research before purchasing.

Overall, B2B buyer data shows that they are more pleased than not when it comes to the quality of their online purchasing experience, according to the soon-to-be-published 2024 B2B Market and Customer Experience Report from Digital Commerce 360.

But getting a better online user experience from sellers that makes their jobs easier and more efficient to perform is a top-of-mind topic with buyers today. And so far, buyers are content with the digital customer experience sellers are dishing up.

What B2B buyer data shows

A recent survey of 150 buyers by DC 360 and Forrester finds that 36% of buyers graded their experience as an A. That response came when they were asked: Thinking about your last few purchases you made online for business, how would you grade the overall experiences when researching and buying from these B2B sites? That compares with 49% that graded their experience a B, 14% a C and 1% a D.

For many buyers, a better user experience means the seller’s ecommerce site has the products, pricing and related product selections they need to make an informed purchasing decision. It can also mean having the ecommerce and order management tools to make placing the order fast, easy and convenient, the B2B buyer data shows.

How B2B buyers are spending

Digital-first customers are becoming the norm for more B2B selling organizations these days. But as a sign of the economic times, even digital-first customers are not being overly capricious in their spending. The Digital Commerce 360 and Forrester Research 2023 study reveals 50% of buyers are spending only “somewhat” more and that 29% are keeping spending levels the same. Only 19% of buyers said they expect to significantly increase spending, according to the survey.


In 2024, B2B ecommerce buyers will use anywhere from three to 10 digitally driven channels to research purchases of goods and services and buy online from sellers.

There is an opportunity for B2B sellers to grow online in 2024, provided they give buyers the user experience they want. For many sellers, the year ahead to achieve success in B2B digital commerce means drafting and implementing a strategy that meets and exceeds the expectations of digital-first business buyers.

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