Europe's fastest-growing ecommerce nations

Europe’s ecommerce sales remained relatively stable the past year, with a slight drop of X.X%. However, Europe did have individual nations with growth primarily supported by retailers whose online sales grew by double-digits over the past year. Below reviews the European nations with X%+ growth during 2022 and their top two online retailers in terms of 2022 web sales growth.

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European e-retailers sales growth

Narrowing down our focus to only the nations we track with 10+ retailers within the Europe 500, online retailers in France, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, and Demark experienced overall online sales growth during 2022. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands experienced negative growth during the past year.

As opposed to reviewing the impact of nations’ economies, war and other factors, we will review the performance of each nation’s top two e-retailers that affected the nation’s growth.

One distinguishing trend when compared to the Europe 500 is that several of the European e-retailers’ sales are concentrated outside of Europe, whereas the average for the Europe 500 is primarily within the continent.

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