Consumers return to stores maintaining BOPIS and curbside pickup capabilities

Retail chains in the Top 500 in 2023 reflect a consumer more comfortable returning to in-store shopping while leveraging online buying capabilities. BOPIS for retail chains in the Top 500 reached 82.7% penetration in 2023, up from 76.3% in 2022.

Curbside for retail chains in the Top 500 declined to 47.5% adoption in 2023, down from 61.2% in 2022. The ability to schedule an in-store appointment also dropped, to 16.5% in 2023 from 24.5% in 2022, suggesting that consumers are returning to impromptu shopping as pandemic-related fears subside and people are no longer fearful of gathering in public.

Depending on the category, BOPIS and curbside availability grew and contracted differently in 2023. There are seven retail chains in the Top 500 for automotive parts and accessories in 2023, and all of them offer BOPIS so far in 2023, compared with 71.4% in 2022. Curbside also increased to 57.1% in 2023, compared with 42.9% in 2022. Consumers are content to shop online and pick up themselves without having to go in stores.

But other categories shifted differently. The 42 apparel/accessories retail chains in the Top 500 increased BOPIS services, with 85.7% offering the omnichannel fulfillment service in 2023. That’s up from 83.3% in 2022. But curbside dropped to half (50.0%) in 2023 compared with 66.7% in 2022. Curbside for Top 500 retailers decreased in 2023 to 34.4% from 47.7% in 2022. The omnichannel service also dropped for Top 1000 retailers. 44.1% offered curbside in 2023, down from 54.7%.

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