How a marketplace connects with an anytime, anywhere online customer

Editor’s note: Bay Supply, an industrial distributor based in Farmingdale, New York, which has been selling a wide array of fasteners to big and small companies since 1961, continues to build out a new marketplace on to bring together buyers and sellers in what the company calls a disparate industry. That means connecting with digital-first customers in new and diverse ways, says chief operating officer Michael Eichinger.

Digital Commerce 360: How does your organization define connected commerce and how important is this strategically for the company?

Michael Eichinger: Connected commerce for Bay Supply is all about providing our customers with the convenience of transacting business using analog or digital communications to manage credit accounts, digital and analog payments, sales taxes, and data transmissions.

Connected commerce is a vital part of digital transformation and remains ahead of customer’s future expectations of quality support and service.

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