With its latest software, the provider of headless commerce technology is letting clients like wholesale manufacturer Dawn Foods access its full API portfolio to build customized B2B ecommerce sites.

Known for its ecommerce platform designed for headless commerce, commercetools is out to make its technology more useful for building B2B ecommerce sites.

By adding new capabilities to the vendor’s Composable Commerce for B2B software recently, commercetools says it has made it easier for  manufacturers and distributors to customize B2B websites with software from multiple vendors and handle larger ecommerce transaction volumes.

“Composable Commerce for B2B provides the next-gen flexibility required by offering a portfolio of flexible APIs that enable an agile, customizable commerce infrastructure at scale,” says Mike Sharp, commercetools chief product officer. “We’re translating evolving consumer preferences into technologies that allow B2B customers to flexibly innovate their commerce infrastructure — including by leveraging best-in-breed commerce components from multiple tech vendors.”

More online buyers at Dawn Foods

Gireesh Sahukar, vice president of digital at food ingredients wholesale manufacturer Dawn Foods, says his company has used commercetools to make online purchasing easier for its customers and spur growth in sales. “By providing customers with seamless account management and checkout processes, and the ability to view, search and browse our entire product catalog online, we continue to grow by delivering an industry-leading experience,” he says in a commercetools press release. “Since launching ecommerce to our customers in the United States two years ago … more than half of our customers are registered to buy online, and that number continues to grow on a daily basis.”


Commercetools has built its digital commerce platform on technology known as MACH, or microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless. Headless technology separates a company’s digital commerce engine from its customer-facing front end and its back-end business operations software, an API-connected configuration designed to allow for customized features that don’t require a system-wide software overhaul.

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