Top 1000 food/beverage retailers post the most dramatic gain in web sales

The pandemic changed the way we live and how we shop. And because the coronavirus outbreak has gone on now for two years, it’s worth looking at growth in online sales of various types of goods through a two-year lens as well as year over year. Looking at 2020 and 2021 together, the most dramatic gain was in web sales of food and beverage. Top 1000 retailers in that category more than doubled their ecommerce revenue in that two-year period, increasing sales by 111.2%. Other categories that grew quickly during the two-year period include toys/ hobbies and sporting goods — which helped keep consumers occupied while they maintained social distance from their friends and relatives. There were also big gains in sales of hardware/ home improvement products as consumers fixed up the homes where they were sheltering and in consumer electronics, as individuals and their employers sprung for new computers and related gear to enable working from home.

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