In 2021, manufacturers through their own websites and apps and on B2B marketplaces grew ecommerce 18.4% to $543.25 billion.

Manufacturers grew their combined ecommerce sales by 12.9% to $4.104 trillion in 2021 from $3.634 trillion in 2020, according to data and analysis contained in the 2022 Manufacturing Report from Digital Commerce 360.

Manufacturers grew ecommerce

But the fastest-growing channel remains B2B ecommerce. In 2021, manufacturers grew ecommerce, through their own websites and apps and on B2B marketplaces, 18.4% to $543.25 billion from $458.70 billion. These growth rates are 1.45 times greater than the growth in all manufacturing sales and 1.42 times bigger than the increase in all electronic sales.

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