Apparel brand Indochino Inc. knows that its main product—custom suits—may not appeal to a younger shopper.

“A company like Indochino offers made-to-measure, which can be traditionally associated with a very formal and—dare I say—stuffy process, and it seems sort of inaccessible,” says Alex Nazarevich, Indochino’s vice president of growth.

Gen Z shoppers—who are born between 1997-2012—may be purchasing a suit for the first time, such as for college graduation, a job interview or a wedding, and may not think to buy a more high-end product tailored to them, Nazarevich says. This group of shoppers was not a statistically sizable portion of Indochino’s shoppers. The retailer often lumped these shoppers in with millennials, who are a much larger portion of its customer base, he says.

To appeal to these younger shoppers, who are more accustomed to shopping online and using digital shopping and payment tools, Indochino decided to implement pay-in-installments with vendor Klarna.

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