Digitally native, vertically integrated apparel brand MeUndies recently launched a line of performance underwear in response to customer demand, says Jeremy Lowenstein, chief marketing officer at MeUndies.

The new product line, called Breathe, is made of a lighter fabric than its typical products and is a “mesh-like quality” that allows for more mobility, breathability and stretchiness, Lowenstein says. In addition, the underwear has anti-odor properties, is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. To help the garment stay in place during exercise, the waistband is a little wider than the brand’s other underwear and has a bonded leg, meaning the fabric grips around the thigh, Lowenstein says.

MeUndies’ Breathe products are made for exercising and movement.

MeUndies’ Breathe products are made for exercising and movement.

MeUndies had this product line in the works for about a year before launching it in April 2021. It decided to launch an athleisure-type undergarment after listening to shoppers via its social media channels and emails. Consumers have mentioned they want more products they can wear while working out or a product that is more gripping. The retailer also surveys its customers regarding their interest in buying certain products, which helps inform the types of products MeUndies decides to launch.

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