Manufacturers face a significant turning point in the world of commerce, forcing them to develop effective digital strategies and deploy the right mix of digital commerce technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, increasing the pressure on manufacturers to go more digital or fall behind their more digital competitors. To compile insights on what this all means for manufacturers—and shed light on best practices for forging ahead—Digital Commerce 360 B2B reached out to leading industry experts involved in B2B ecommerce.

For many manufacturers, it became clear that the investments they made were not aligned with the needs of the digital business.
Karie Daudt, senior commerce consultant

In this Q&A article, Karie Daudt, a veteran of B2B ecommerce who is a senior ecommerce consultant at digital consultancy Perficient, discusses how manufacturers can best take on the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly digital B2B world of commerce.

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