A new series of 2021 online B2B events from Digital Commerce 360 will kick off in June with “Breaking the Barriers to B2B Ecommerce Success,” featuring speakers from such organizations as Amazon Business, MSC Industrial Supply, Systemax, Unilever and W.W. Grainger.

Now that the nation’s rate of vaccinated adults is rising and more local and state governments are beginning to ease year-long restrictions, the U.S. economy is poised to grow. And the same is true for business-to-business ecommerce.

But what the future of B2B ecommerce will look like and where growth online will come from is still a cloudy forecast for companies and organizations of all sizes.

To shed some serious light on the problems and the solutions—and give digital commerce decision-makers concrete hands-on advice—for successfully growing B2B ecommerce in a post-pandemic world, Digital Commerce 360 is announcing the launch of three B2B digital events.

The first event—”Breaking the Barriers to B2B Ecommerce Success”—will take place on Monday, June 17, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Subsequent events are scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 12, and Thursday, Nov. 4.

In these live-streamed research events, the brightest minds in B2B digital commerce will address the tough ecommerce problems facing manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors today and present solutions to help solve key issues.


As businesses ramp up for even more digital commerce, spurred by changes in buyer behavior due to the pandemic, they seek answers to an array of challenges.

Among them:

  • Finding new growth opportunities online in a post-pandemic world;
  • Building and executing an ecommerce strategy and technology infrastructure that gives business buyers the online user experience they demand;
  • Overcoming internal obstacles standing in the way of online success.

B2B ecommerce decision-makers have serious questions about how to prioritize and successfully grow digital commerce.

“Breaking the Barriers to B2B Ecommerce Success” will provide real answers by bringing together an agenda and roster of speakers featuring many of the industry top analysts, practitioners and decision-makers.

Among them:

  • Keynote speaker Systemax Inc. CEO Barry Litwin discussing How and Why Digital Commerce Wins over B2B Customers.”
  • W.W. Grainger Inc. vice president and chief product officer Brian Walker and Systemax chief marketing officer Klaus Werner diving into why It’s All About Serving the Digital Customer.”
  • MSC Industrial Supply Co. vice president of ecommerce Faisal Hussain discussing how to “Help Digital Customers with Value-Added Service.”

Unlike other ecommerce digital events, webinars and chats, Digital Commerce 360 editors and reporters are diving deep into the B2B market to produce an agenda and bring together expert speakers that enable B2B ecommerce decision-makers to come away with practical and immediate best practice advice they can take home and implement.

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