Germany-based distributor ALSO is keeping its resellers stocked with the basic tools of business. With the coronavirus outbreak, it’s also offering millions in financial assistance to help its resellers stay in business.

Resellers are the lifeblood of ALSO Holding AG, a distributor of information technology products that it sells to them through ecommerce sites including ALSO Shop.

It also helps its network of resellers sell via their own ecommerce sites under its ALSO MyStore program.

But under the pressures brought on by the coronavirus, ALSO is also reaching out to resellers to help them financially get through the market disruption.

The big distributor this week said it will help client resellers who “have short-term liquidity bottlenecks as a result of consequences of the coronavirus.” It added that it will determine financial assistance for individual resellers by using the business intelligence it has compiled about its network of resellers, including their purchasing history with ALSO, their financial health structure and their risk of experience difficulty related to the coronavirus.

$10 million to help resellers

“All resellers will be analyzed continuously” and receive “swift” and non-bureaucratic support, says CEO Gustavo Möller-Hergt.


ALSO said its financial assistance will come in the forms of extended payment terms and more flexible credit lines, as it invests at least $10 million in financial assistance through April.

The company also said it is “working on a wide range of measures to safeguard the supply chain and personal safety of employees, customers and partners.” It added that its employees work from home offices and that ALSO holds meetings digitally whenever possible.

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