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From the news reports published this year in Digital Commerce 360 B2B News, formerly known as B2BecNews:

B2B ecommerce sales surpass $1 trillion—with more growth to come

Amazon Business heads to $52 billion in gross sales by 2023

Amazon tests the market for private-label B2B products   

Coming from Amazon Business: The Dash Smart Shelf

Dash Smart Shelf - Stock Room

The Amazon Dash Smart

How Essendant is ‘leveling the playing field’ for resellers

Staples and Essendant finalize merger

A sky-high ecommerce sale: $100,000 for a jet engine

Q&A with Honeywell Aerospace: A marketplace is an ecommerce game changer

Navistar targets $100 million in online parts sales

Why a back-to-school supplier runs with ‘headless’ commerce

A worker tends an embroidery machine at Global Schoolwear

An HVAC distributor tops $1 billion in web sales

How Stanley Black & Decker generated ecommerce sales of $1 billion

Q&A with Bosch Tool: Why it’s drilling deeper into ecommerce 

Distributors are losing market share among millennials

Why Goodyear is driving into B2B ecommerce 


How a distributor built a better online UX for customers

Crash course: How American Honda drives up web sales in the complex collision repair industry 

2015 Acura RLX

MSC Industrial Supply sees growth in web vending and in Mexico

MSC Industrial Supply prioritizes value-added ecommerce   

Grainger eyes mid-size companies as it invests more in Zoro.com

How Grainger says it will grow its market share


Fastenal’s growth plan: More and more vending machines 

How ecommerce helps a regional distributor grow close to home

A distributor grows via Amazon Business and other portals 

3M pays billions to expand in medical products and ecommerce 

3M, with $7 billion in online B2B sales, posts a bigger goal for e-commerce

Alibaba.com makes a move to go around Amazon Business

The ins and outs of selling on Amazon Business

Why GE Healthcare is shaping up its B2B ecommerce site 


How B2B companies must deal with younger online buyers

Employees with the right stuff find higher-paying ecommerce gigs

An aerospace manufacturer’s first flight into B2B ecommerce 

A major automotive manufacturer revs up B2B ecommerce

A heavy equipment portal tops $500 million in sales 

An on-demand manufacturing marketplace expands into Europe

2020 B2B predictions: A fresh take on marketplaces and innovation

A motorsports parts manufacturer powers up ecommerce 

Creating customer experiences that drive smiles

How B2B companies can—and must—innovate

Designing a new kind of marketplace for architects 

Material Bank’s warehouse with LocusBots robots.

How AR technology speeds up sales of water-treatment equipment

How artificial intelligence helps convert B2B buyers

Avnet expands in China via Alibaba’s 1688.com

How Dow gave customer experience a makeover

Perspectives of industry experts:

Amazon Business: Sell on it now—before it hits $100 billion in sales

Amazon Business: A giant awakens

2019 B2B e‑commerce trends: Putting convenience before innovation

How I grew my niche office supplies business online

3D and Augmented Reality: A new B2B path to purchase