Amazon averages 2.5 billion visits to their site per month

A mass merchant retailer is loosely defined as a company that affordably sells a large range of goods that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Some notable mass merchants are Amazon, Target & Walmart. The mass merchant category in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000 is the leader of the pack in several metrics because of Amazon’s presence in the group. Web traffic is no different. Amazon’s 2.5 billion monthly visits propels the 59 retailers in the group to second in traffic ranks, behind only consumer electronics with heavy hitters like Microsoft Inc. (No. 115 in the Top 1000) and Google’s Alphabet Inc. (No. 10). To put Amazon’s figure into perspective, consumer electronics’ two leading retailers in traffic, Microsoft and Alphabet, have a combined monthly visits totaling less than Amazon.

This infographic shows the top five mass merchant retailers in monthly website traffic. It also shows each of these five retailer’s share of total mass merchant traffic.

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