How Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, retailer market share and revenue growth stack up.

Cyber Monday is the top day for overall online sales, but Black Friday is hot on its heels.

Research firms Adobe Inc., comScore Inc. and Internet Retailer all estimate Cyber Monday as having larger online sales than Black Friday. U.S. online shoppers spent $7.87 billion on Cyber Monday, and on Black Friday, U.S. online shoppers spent $6.22 billion, according to Adobe. Similarly, Internet Retailer estimates that Cyber Monday wins with $7.75 billion in online sales, and Black Friday $6.24 billion. And comScore also says Cyber Monday is king with $6.0 billion in online sales and Black Friday is second with $4.8 billion.

Black Friday, however, has larger year-over-year online sales growth compared with Cyber Monday’s year-over-year growth, according to all three of these research firms. Plus, an analysis from Rakuten Intelligence finds that Black Friday has additional positive attributes including a higher percentage of new shoppers and a higher average order value.

In addition, web giant Inc. (No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500) takes less online retail market share on Black Friday compared with Cyber Monday, according to Rakuten Intelligence, which is based on email receipt data from 1.37 million U.S. online shoppers. Rakuten data does not include sales on eBay Inc., Etsy Inc. or Amazon Fresh.


Amazon had a 25.2% share of the market on Cyber Monday 2018, compared with 24.4% market share on Black Friday 2018. Plus, Amazon’s market share this year was less on each day compared with last year when it had 28.4% market share on Cyber Monday 2017 and 25.7% market share on Black Friday 2017.

Here’s how other retails stacked up with market share on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday.




For the entire holiday season Nov. 1-26 (which is through Cyber Monday), Rakuten Intelligence estimates that Amazon has taken 27.7% of online sales and has increased its sales 18.7% compared with this period last year. Looking at the top online retailers, Costco has grown its sales the most at 80.8% year over year.